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PostSubject: Information   Fri Oct 16, 2009 4:20 am

Before posting here make sure that you've asked a moderator whether your account is
permanently banned or muted. In case of a mute, you have to wait until you are
unbanned again, because it is temporary.

It is important that you only post here if you are really innocent.
We don't like to repeat saying that accounts don't get unbanned.

We are very strict in this section and following points can be
a reason for getting banned in our forums:


Repeated appealing

Offensive language


Your topic should have following format:

Thread name: Banned: your in-game emps-scape name
(Description is not necessarily needed.)
I have been banned for...
This ban was unfair, because...
I have never done...

We don't like to read threads, where a users just begs for an unban and/or
says that he doesn't know why he has been banned. It's rarely possible that
you don't know why you have been banned.

Moreover keep your thread text as short as possible, but containing the
necessary information. (name, banned for which rule, why it is unfair, explain situation)

Topics, which don't follow our format, won't be taken very serious!
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